Men: Dress Sharp to Get Women


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A man who dresses well seems more attractive than he really is. At least, that’s the view of 91% of Americans polled. Most women, 83% of them, said that a sharply dressed man is sexier than one with a lot of money.

Of course, this survey was conducted on behalf of Men’s Wearhouse, who would certainly benefit if more men wore suits and ties. I can’t say that my heart would be broken never to see another man wearing baggy pants that look like they’re about to fall off with a grunge-skater-graffiti t-shirt. I’m not alone; 65% of those polled agreed that you can determine a man’s maturity level by what he’s wearing.

The men’s responses show that they’re thinking about what they’re wearing. A little, at least. The survey found that 72% of men feel underdressed most of the time. About the same number responded that men in general don’t dress as well as they did 20 years ago, even though they also saw a good wardrobe as an important part of financial success.

Men’s Wearhouse has published the complete survey online, if you’d like to see more results. Before I sign off, one final hint to the guys: 32% of women polled said they have thrown away some of their men’s clothing without telling him.

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