Managed, Not Represented

Tony Benn, former member of Parliament, in an interview for the documentary “Orwell Rolls in His Grave.”

If people don’t vote, because they’re not motivated to vote, because the whole thing switches them off, the spin doctors, the focus groups, all the marketing rubbish that goes into modern political argument, if they don’t vote, it destroys the legitimacy of the government that is elected and then people become cynical and that is the moment in which the hard right picks up, because my recollection of Germany in the 1930s is very, very clear. When the German people had mass unemployment, they were pessimistic, they were hopeless, they were depressed, then they went for  the man who had a scapegoat: “It’s the Jews.” “It’s the communists.” “It’s the trade unions.” And that is the danger. Democracy requires a well-informed and understanding people with clear ideas which they wish to see represented. And now we’re being managed and not represented. 

This appears at time code 2:38:36, after the documentary itself is over. You can view the full documentary and selected raw interviews here:

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