Not Again! Credit card info stolen for the third time!

Chip and Pin Credit Card

Navy Federal Chip & Pin Credit Card

UPDATE: Who’d’ve thought Navy Federal Credit Union would be so stupid?!

I realized tonight that my new, more secure chip-and-pin card that I started using in February had the same account number as they issued me in October. So, whereas I thought it would be quick and simple to track the thief; and whereas I thought it had to be one of just eleven retailers where I used my brand new card; in fact, it could have been any number of places where I shopped since October. It never occurred to me to tell anyone to make sure they gave me a new number. It never occurred to me to compare the number on my old card. It happened quite accidentally while I was calling to discuss why one out of five fraudulent charges still hasn’t been credited back to my account.

I was convinced that my card had been skimmed at a store or jotted down by a waiter. Now I realize that it’s probably another major data breach. I expect an announcement any time now that the breach has been corrected.

It still flabbergasts me that with all the hacking, they didn’t bother to give me a new account number. Unbelievable!!


This is really frustrating! This is the third time our credit card account has been compromised in the last 13 months.

We were hacked twice in 2014; I believe the first incident was the Target breach, and the second was probably Home Depot.

I got proactive, called the company and demanded a chip-and-pin card.

I received the card in the mail end of January. I used it for the first time on February 3. Today is February 15, and we were notified first thing this morning. The account has been closed, and I’m supposed to have a new card by Wednesday or Thursday. I’m filling out a fraud affidavit, and I won’t have to pay anything. It’s just such a hassle to deal with, and it makes me angry that thieves are out there getting away with this!

The two incidents last year were, I believe, proper hacking. The bad guys stole massive amounts of data from retailers, created forged cards, and sold them to people who used them at Walmart, Macy’s, McDonald’s, and a couple of gas stations.

This time, someone used our card and spent nearly $300 at “Wargaming,” which I gather is some sort of online computer gaming site. You apparently can’t contact the company without creating an account, so I’ve messaged them on Twitter.  We’ll see if they care.  Anyway, I think this one was probably skimming. It can happen at stores, but I believe it’s more common at restaurants, where you hand your card to someone and it’s out of your sight for several minutes. I don’t know that. I can’t prove it; this are just my thoughts.

What I can tell you is that I have used that card on two websites and at nine stores and restaurants in Pensacola.  Here they are:

I have removed the list of stores due to the fact that I used the same account number at a good number of brick-and-morter and internet stores over the holidays. 

To the best of my knowledge those are the only places I’ve used the card in the past two weeks since I received it. My husband’s card has a different account number and has not been compromised.

If you’ve used your card at any of those places recently and your account has been compromised, please get in touch  with me. I’m @Auriette on Twitter.  If we can go to law enforcement with several cases linked to one or two possibilities, I think it would give them something to go on to start an investigation.


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