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Star Wars Fan Fiction

If you follow my blog or my Twitter account, you know I’m a longtime fan of the Star Wars saga. In 1987, at the 10th anniversary convention in Los Angeles, I learned about an unofficial club called Forces of the … Continue reading

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Storm Warning: Should you evacuate?

I’ll not soon forget the night I was working as a TV news producer, cranking out the 10pm newscast with a hurricane bearing down on the Gulf Coast. I answered the news hotline and a frantic woman was on the … Continue reading

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The nuclear threat and TV movie-as-warning

Back in 1983, just about everybody watched the made-for-TV movie “The Day After.” The 33-year-old film became a hot topic again, at least for a few hours, when its airing was re-lived in the 2016 TV series “The Americans.” Coincidentally, … Continue reading

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