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When I grow up, I want to make movies and write books. Now in my 50s, I wonder if I'll ever really accomplish the dreams of my youth. I have made two short films, one for a college film-making class, the other for an MTV-sponsored contest. I have written short plays that have been produced, and a few short stories and reviews that have been published. I also perform and direct for community theatre. My working life has included stints in local TV news, public relations, retail management and cashier, and for a couple of years, I made the rides go at Walt Disney World. I have two cats and a husband.

#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Preservation

I’m not doing a very good job of preservation lately. I have stacks of photos and photo albums that my mother has handed over to me to be scanned. Somehow, when I sit down at the computer I end up … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Steps

Building a family tree takes a lot of steps in many different directions. My first step was to build my tree back, primarily ignoring siblings and spouses, in an effort to find my Scottish immigrant ancestors. Then I realized that … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Fun and Games

I’m three weeks behind on my genealogy posts, so I have had three weeks to think about this topic. I don’t know what games my far-off ancestors played, but my mom’s parents, Hoyt and Willie Cook, taught me Aggravation. It’s … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: On the Farm

I mentioned last week that farming is in my blood. Loads of my ancestors owned farms or worked on farms. Recently, I learned that my Great Grand-Uncle Isaac Pittman Jr. died on a farm. He was 15 years old. I … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Work

Census records list many of my ancestors’ and relatives’ occupation as “laborer.” I do wonder at the variety of jobs that word must have covered. Some records, of course, are more specific. In the above listing for my 3x Great … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: School

I was living in Scotland when my two little friends from down the street started first grade. I wasn’t allowed to start with them because my 5th birthday was one day past the cutoff. My mother spoke to the headmaster, … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Character

I’m about 95% sure that Wade Warren Silcox is my 3x Great Grandfather, and if he is not, then he is my 3x Great Grandfather’s brother. He most definitely had an interesting life. Wade’s story actually begins with his father, … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Tragedy

Every family endures its share of tragedies, from severe illnesses and early deaths to disaster-related losses of property. In many cases, the tragedy is that we don’t even really know what we’ve lost, because our loved ones failed to keep … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: In the City

My 3rd great-grandmother Mary Ann Delaney Pippin was born, according to family records, in Montgomery County, Alabama. Not in the city of Montgomery, which was created from two smaller communities in 1819, six years before Mary Ann’s birth, but in … Continue reading

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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Favorite Name

I have come to appreciate unusual names, because it makes it easier to sort out families and link records to the right person. That’s not why I love my great-great-great grandmother’s first name, Arminta. First, I should clarify that my … Continue reading

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