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Top 5 Reasons to Own Indiana Jones on Blu-ray

1. Harrison Ford’s even hotter with the clarity of Blu-ray. 2. It comes with “The Making of Raiders” – the original 1981 special! 3. Two new behind-the-scenes features about “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” 4. The audio and visuals have … Continue reading

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Movies That Surpass Their Source Material

This morning, Nerdist News announced their list of five films that surpass their source material. I agree with one of them. Planet of the Apes is an amazing movie that takes author Pierre Boulle’s basic story to another level. Here … Continue reading

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Two Really Good Movies – The Artist and Watchmen

I went to the movies this afternoon, and when I got home, hubby had just popped in a DVD, and I really enjoyed both films. At the theater, I saw “The Artist.” I’ve been wanting to see it since I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Deeper Than the Dead

I don’t read many mysteries, and I’d never read anything by Tami Hoag until I picked up “Deeper Than the Dead” a couple of weeks ago. I should explain that more clearly. A few months ago, I won copies of … Continue reading

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A Clean Sweep from Natural House (OVER)

For the past month, I’ve been trying some new cleaning products from Natural House. These natural household cleaning products contain probiotics, which means they use good bacteria to help do the job. The products are: TRASHY reduces trash can odors … Continue reading

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Roll On

You know those shoes that are not just shoes but roller skates? I have a pair! I received my Heelys about a week ago, after registering to be a reviewer for the company. They let me pick from a variety … Continue reading

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The Stench of Death

A few weeks ago, my neighbor asked about something in our backyard, and my husband took her back and gave her the tour. I got home from wherever in the middle of it and walked back there with them. As … Continue reading

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Book Giveaway: Eloisa James’ Essex Sisters

I love Eloisa James’ books. Her series are intricately woven together so that you’re never entirely sure who’s going to end up with whom by the end, although of course, there’s always (eventually) a happy ending. Unfortunately for me, I … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Thor

Hubby and I saw Thor on Saturday afternoon. We chose to see the 2D version, because we weren’t overly impressed with the effects in Avatar, and 2D was cheaper. After the film, hubby said it was just as well we … Continue reading

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Book Review: Judgment Day

In Judgment Day, by Wanda L. Dyson, Suzanne Kidwell is a TV journalist who will stop at nothing to get the news story she wants, even if it means fudging the details. She doesn’t care if her report ruins an … Continue reading

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