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#52Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Troublemaker (#Genealogy)

The Cook family had a couple of troublemakers – or at least they associated with troublemakers – and they were killed in shootouts 19 years apart. This pair was father and son. John Cook – my great-great grandfather – was … Continue reading

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That time my mother saw a murder-suicide

I must have been in high school when my mother first told me. “It just occurred to me that I witnessed a murder-suicide,” she said. Huh? A. She’d never mentioned this before. B. When did this happen? C. Who? D. … Continue reading

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Rich is Relative

With the arrival of tax season come the tax tips. Hey, did you know that you may be able to write off the mortgage interest on your boat? Yeah, like us ordinary mortals have cabin cruisers sitting around to be … Continue reading

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The Catholics Change Their Tune

Back in 1578 (according to Wikipedia), the Roman Catholic Church handed down this edict with regard to punishments for heresy (in other words, not following the Roman Catholic Church): “…punishment does not take place primarily and per se for the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Deeper Than the Dead

I don’t read many mysteries, and I’d never read anything by Tami Hoag until I picked up “Deeper Than the Dead” a couple of weeks ago. I should explain that more clearly. A few months ago, I won copies of … Continue reading

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