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Sneaking Streaming Time

I don’t have a Netflix account, but I’m trying to win a 6-month membership by sharing how I sneak a little time to watch my favorite shows. For now, I use streaming services with free options like Vudu and Crackle, … Continue reading

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Making Changes

When I was assigned to produce a 90-minute morning TV newscast, I followed the established format. News block at 5:30 and 6:00 and then two shorter hits of news at probably 6:20 and 6:40.  It was kind of chaotic and … Continue reading

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What’s Curtis Armstrong Up To?

When I hear the name Curtis Armstrong, two facts come to mind: He played Herbert Viola in the TV series Moonlighting, back in the ’80s. He came to Pensacola to help protect patients and doctors going into abortion clinics one … Continue reading

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TV: Beauty and the Beast

>Beauty and the Beast was a fairly popular urban fantasy back in the late 1980s. I didn’t watch the series in the beginning, and I don’t recall what prompted me to tune in late in the second season, right before … Continue reading

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Day Two – My Favorite Show

>I am participating in It’s Gravy Baby’s 31 Day Photo & Prompt Challenge. For Day 2, the prompt is to tell you about my favorite show. This one takes me back a bit. My favorite TV show of all time … Continue reading

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Plagiarism in the News

>2011 – British newspaper The Daily Mail is accused of copying large sections of a story from The New York Times without attribution. The Mail responded by removing the suspect passages and by exchanging the Mail reporter’s byline with the … Continue reading

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How would you greet alien visitors?

This question came up in another blogger’s discussion of the ABC series, “V.” The 1983 mini-series V made me question alien intentions. Believe it or not, I have often asked myself this very question. When the Visitors first arrived, back … Continue reading

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